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Piano curriculum

What to expect to learn at a certain level.
Nonetheless will our teachers always provide individual learning tailored to You.


Beginner level

at beginner level, pianistic and musical basics are developed.

At the same time, an intuitive and creative approach to music is promoted.

We develop rhythms and melodies with the voice.

We develope elementary playing techniques like different phrasings, dynamics, pedal.

We learn to transpose melodies in the 5-tone space into other keys

We will learn to play imple song accompaniments (IV-V-I progressions)

Make music together with the teacher - yes -  it is possible now also online.

You learn to read music and to compose simple songs.

Improvising with black keys and other pentatonic scales are introduced.

Basic notation will be taught.

Intermediate level

at intermediate level, improvisational and compositional skills

as well as musical and pianistic basics are deepened.

You will learn to create your own accompaniments to songs.

And we will work in building Your individual repertoire of songs.

You will learn to compose songs in various styles and you will develop

Your improvisation skills with pentatonic, major-, minor-, blues- scale and

rhythm training with body percussion.

We will be working on improving Your sight reading by this stage will improve greatly. 

Regular ear training will dramatically improve your musical skills.

Upper intermediate level

At upper intermediate level specific jazz/rock/pop lessons begin,

according to the student's inclinations.

Working on basic pianistic skills such as accompanying soloists

and expanding the sound material for your own improvisations

are just as important as the experiences that the students gain

in jamming with the teacher in different genres.

We will work on developing technique and phrasing

You will be introduced to simple 2-part II-V-I voicings 

and different styles like jazz, jazz-rock, rock, pop, latin

Parallel to instrumental lessons You will have music theory lessons

that deepen Your understanding of Your creative performance.

We will teach You how to create your own compositions and arrangements

and we will be steadily working on expanding

the sound material for your own improvisations.


Semi Pro level

At semi pro level, the students are supported

in becoming a musically independent personality.

As many  jams with the teacher as possible

are of great importance in this part of the training.

At the same time, the skills required for a successful

entrance exam at a university are developed.

You will be taught sound material like church keys,

melodic minor, symmetrical scales and polyphonic voicings.

You will have musictheory courses as well as instrumental lessons.

We will work on the expansion of Your repertoire

which is to be performed both from memory and by sightreading.

#trainingyourears is an essential and existential step

in becoming a better musician.

What your ears don't hear is simply not playable

for you as a musician on your instrument.

analyzing popular songs is a lot of fun.

understanding global song- ,

#chord-structures and #scales

and learning various strategies

on how to begin to write a song

and overcome worrys and anxiety

will make you a better #songwriter - 

and finally enable You to be

the songwriter You want to be.

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